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Forest Service accepts responsibility for fire resulting from prescribed burn in Shoshone National Forest, Fremont County, Wyoming

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The Shoshone National Forest scheduled a “prescribed burn” or “controlled burn” of National Forest properties in and around Fremont County , Wyoming in approximately mid-May, 2006. The controlled burn became uncontrolled — and several residences on private property were partially or totally destroyed. Other residences/buildings were burned on Forest Service lease lands.

The controlled burn program has been put on temporary hold, pending further review and evaluation from Forest Service officials, and the Forest Service has acknowledged that procedure must be reevaluated and that they have responsibility for what occurred. The admission by the Forest Service in this regard is unusual. Should those homeowners who lost personal property choose to file a claim with the US Court of Claims in Washington, D.C., pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act, they will have 2 years from the date of the incident to file an administrative claim with the Forest Service, and then 6 months from any denial of the claim to file in Federal District Court.