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Courtney Mills

Three Rescuers Dead, 6 Injured in Utah Mine

While searching for the six missing miners in the Crandall Canyon Mine last night, a terrible cave-in occurred in which three men tragically lost their lives. Six other rescuers burrowing alongside were also injured in the mine cave-in and workers frantically sought to render assistance to the incapacitated.Since the Utah mine collapse in Huntington it has been a harrowing ten days as workers…

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Wrongful death and other Injuries

In a recent decision, the Fifth Judicial District awarded claims for medical bills and lost wages in the case of a 30-year old Wyoming DOT engineer and another DOT employee who were working on a road project between Worland and Ten Sleep. Both men were struck by a piece of heavy equipment operated by parties under the direction and control of a contractor. The engineer was killed instantly and…

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Justice Department to Review Deaths Linked to stun guns

According to a recent article in USA Today, the Justice Department is reviewing the deaths of 180 people that died after being shocked by a stun gun. The study was proposed after law enforcement authorities expressed concern about the growing number of deaths linked to these products. The review could take up to two years to complete, but in the meantime several police departments across the…

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Tanker Company Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuits

On our Colorado Springs site we mention that defendant attorneys have filed for dismissal of a wrongful death lawsuit against Hawkis and Power Aviation. The Billings Gazette documents the troubles of the tanker company since “two of its large fire-retardant bombers broke up in midflight.”