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Jenny Albano

Washington Women Mauled by Two Dogs

On Tuesday, August 21, two pit bull terriers came into a women’s home through a pet door and attacked her while she was in her bed. The women was able to escape the dog attack after finding a gun and trying to shoot the dogs. Then she was able to make it to her car where she called 911.The women who received the dog bites has been listed in critical condition after being taken to a Tacoma…

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Case Settled against Park County School District No.6

A consultant employed with the State of Wyoming slipped and fell in an unmarked area which housed a small school auditorium. It was alleged that the entrance to the stairs leading to the seating area in the auditorium were improperly marked or, in some cases, not marked at all. William Simpson represented the Plaintiff in this case which was settled before action commenced.

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Forest Service accepts responsibility for fire resulting from prescribed burn in Shoshone National Forest, Fremont County, Wyoming

The Shoshone National Forest scheduled a “prescribed burn” or “controlled burn” of National Forest properties in and around Fremont County , Wyoming in approximately mid-May, 2006. The controlled burn became uncontrolled — and several residences on private property were partially or totally destroyed. Other residences/buildings were burned on Forest Service lease lands. The controlled burn…

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Olive Glenn Country Club in Cody to Receive Face Lift

Country club members pledge improvement money – By Regina Purcell (Cody Enterprise)Nearly $400,000 has been pledged by members of the Olive Glenn Golf and Country Club for much-needed improvements to the facility.Built in the 1970s by the late Olive and Glenn Nielson, the 18-hole championship course was turned over to members in the mid-1980s, according to general manager Dave Snyder. He said…

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How Much Improvement for $24.5M

Many believe $24.5 million to improve habitat around the Jonah natural gas field outside Pinedale would be helpful, but some are questioning how much an improvement there will be.Linda Baker with the Upper Green River Valley Coalition said EnCana Oil and Gas Inc.’s pledge of the millions in exchange for large-scale drilling may not go far, as the habitat outside Jonah appears to be”in pretty…

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Jail, Officer Sued On Behalf Of Inmates

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit on behalf of two inmates from Wyoming against a New Mexico corrections officer, the jails wardens, the county commisioners and the jail’s management company.The lawsuit claims sexual abuse and cruel and unusual punishment by Detention Officer Brian Orr of the McKinley County (N.M.) Detention Center. The complaint was filed on behalf of…