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Truck driver falls asleep and survives crash

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Earlier this month a truck driver hauling eggs fell asleep at the wheel, drifted off the road and crashed into a ditch. Miraculously, the driver survived the truck accident, though his semi was completely mangled.

The accident occurred on Wyoming Highway 220 near Casper, Wyoming. Fortunately for the driver, passersby stopped to help lift the hood off of him before ambulances arrived.

Apparently the semi truck was mangled and in several pieces.

At the Wyoming Medical Center, Elbers told Wyatt he thought he fell asleep but could not remember much about the accident.

Because there were no skid marks to help measure the speed, Wyatt estimated the truck probably was traveling at the 65 mph legal limit.

The trucking accident, which fortunately did not injure the driver or anyone else, is a reminder that truck drivers need to stop when they are feeling drowsy, and that they should follow federal guidelines for safe travel.